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GSK’s Splunk Managed Service Offering encompasses Splunk certified resources that support your investment in Splunk technology.

Keeping it monitored, updated, and in step with your application infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of retaining a full-time Splunk certified employee. Our goal is to provide you with an operational and security intelligence service that focuses on the issues that most concern your business. With GSK’s Managed Service for Splunk your concerns regarding reputational risks, the risks to the core business functions that impact top-line revenues, compliance risks, and bottom-line profitability are in the hands of experienced business & technical professionals.

Offering Includes

We help enterprises develop their digital transformation roadmap to facilitate the strategic transformation of business processes, ensuring cost benefits while enhancing speed and quality of service delivery.

  • Performance and availability monitoring

  • Operations Management- Compliance Management

  • Assessing Security Risks

  • Security Information Management

  • Monthly Splunk Service Reviews

  • Splunk Health Checks

  • Splunk Upgrades

Splunk Specialization Areas

  • Splunk Enterprise

  • Splunk Cloud

  • Enterprise Security

  • Custom Data Onboarding

  • Multiple Splunk Applications and Add-ons

  • Clustering

  • Custom Splunk Application Development

  • IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

Splunk Consulting Services

  • As a Splunk Professional Services Partner, we have a team of certified Splunk consultants to come in and help you evaluate, architect and deploy Splunk.

  • Our starter package includes bundled or stand-alone services to help you assess the use cases you would like to prioritize or the existing tools you want to replace with your Splunk implementation. Our expert Splunk consultants can also help ensure your platform is architected, configured and deployed using best-practices.

Splunk Discovery and Planning

  • Identify objectives, challenges and needs

  • Determine what policies, processes, and supporting procedures are in place

  • Assess support model and skill sets

  • Identify tools, data sources and log collection needs

  • Determine and prioritize use cases

  • Develop a Value Success Roadmap

  • Review and gain stakeholder agreement

Quick Start Commercial Success Pack

  • Get started with Splunk in 3 days

  • Splunk Core or Splunk Cloud

  • 20GB licenses or less

  • Install and configure indexers, search heads, and forwarders

  • Build Basic Dashboards

  • Create baselines and alerts

  • Review and gain stakeholder agreement

Enterprise Development Pack

  • For Enterprise customers

  • Splunk Core and Splunk Cloud implementations

  • 2Establish best practices and development standards

  • Determine best architecture for your deployment for on-prem, Splunk Cloud or Virtual Private Cloud

  • Determine Splunk storage and security model

  • Develop and execute deployment plan Choice of discounted Optimization Package