Oil & Gas

The data is rapidly increasing in the information focused world. However, finding the value in this data heap is essential if you are looking to extract a positive impact through business analytics. This will include identifying unrelated patterns in data, mining, refining, and creating insights with commercial value. With our Business Analytics solutions, we bring the promise of practical and actionable insights to improve your organizational performance and streamline decision making.

Our expertise in the Business Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), and Visualization practice enables us to tap data from disparate sources and multiple formats to provide actionable insights, right business metrics, and visualization for informed decision making. GSK addresses specific requirements of any industry, sector, or business function and has experience in end-to-end implementation of a wide array of third-party enterprise products and platforms. Our global teams can help you deploy end-to-end Business Analytics solutions across business functions based on custom or third-party enterprise application software, databases, analytics, mobility, and cloud infrastructure.


With our expert Business Analytics Consultants, GSK’s analytics solutions eliminate bias, replacing them with data driven customer insights to gain a clear advantage, while learning from experience, using the data to predict future behaviour of customers to facilitate better decisions,you can derive deeper insights from your customer journey data and optimize business offerings as per the touchpoints.

Business Analytics Services Offering

Enterprise Application Integration

GSK solutions inc offers the full lifecycle of Enterprise Application Integration services to connect disparate functionality and data with modern architectures and platforms. We understand your need to simplify processes and architecture in order to reduce associated costs. Our services help your systems and processes connect and collaborate seamlessly and enable them to scale promptly, in terms of prospective business needs.

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence services are insightful and focused on helping you at various levels of decision-making through BI Applications, tools, practices, and technologies such as data analytics, data contextualization, data warehousing, KPI reporting, and dashboards. Our BI Team delivers business intelligence dashboards and balanced scorecards helping you analyze operational processes and corporate performance management issues.

Big Data

We’ve been surrounded by vast quantities of data in various forms. Referred as Big Data, these enormous data chunks have ignited new opportunities in the industry. With everything being recorded, there are insights and patterns hidden in the Big Data which could help enterprises in predicting demands, identifying the areas for innovation, and adopting a differentiating strategy from the competition.

Banking & Financial Services

Whether it is minimizing friction across customer touch points, maximizing collection efforts, increasing products per client or reducing exposure to risk; Analytics has breathed new life into every function of BFS Industry.

Health Care

Making healthcare affordable and accessible to all sections of society has been an endeavor for all governments and the healthcare sector itself. Analytics has a huge role to play in this quest.


In an industry where advanced math and financial theory form the cornerstone of analyzing risk and cost, Data Science can undisputedly transform ways of doing business.

Telecom & Media

The Telecom and media industries experience a very high degree of dynamism in terms of every changing technology, growing consumer expectations, redefined offerings and macro-economic conditions. Survival in such a fast paced environment is possible only by understanding the language your data across operations, customer experience, marketing speaks.