A dedicated CoE that leverages AI, ML, NLP, and other cutting-edge technologies to develop solutions that automate repetitive tasks and provide fast resolution with low customer effort

Proprietary platform with a rich set of cognitive computing services to create solutions for speech, text, image and video Intelligent assistant to build conversation interfaces for any application, device or channel Customized bots (Informational, Personalized, and Transactional) with self-learning capability and ability to automate the knowledge base in the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine to enhance the level of service

RPA Advisory and Consulting

We help enterprises develop their digital transformation roadmap to facilitate the strategic transformation of business processes, ensuring cost benefits while enhancing speed and quality of service delivery.

RPA Bot Implementation

Our tech specialists develop and implement bots to automate a specific set of manual actions to speed up business processes. We create “virtualized FTE or robots” that operate on existing application software in the same way that a person today processes a transaction.

RPA Performance Monitoring

We monitor a bot’s performance to ensure higher accuracy, productivity, customer satisfaction, and savings.

RPA Bot Support Maintenance

Our team members analyze day-to-day bot operations to eradicate issues, ensuring continuous improvement and modifications for maximum output.