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Integrate continuous delivery into your development process with Azure DevOps
Collaborate better with modern Dev services and upscale your cloud solutions with continuous delivery
models through reliable interfaces

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Upgrade your on-premise business to Azure DevOps for exemplary flexibility and uncompromised delivery. Be business ready irrespective of cloud, language, and platform – leverage third-party tools with ease

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More than technology and tools, DevOps is a cultural shift that we help inculcate with our agile development practices. Our Azure DevOps Services are designed to detail for focussing on eliminating dysfunctional procedures that hinder on product development and performance. We aim to increase your uptime, reduce product time-to-market, and lower the development budget.

Our expertise entails in smart DevOps consulting and Azure Automation Services that ensure building Infrastructure as Code (IAC) and streamlining deployment automation. We bank on our exemplary DevOps automation services to reduce human errors and optimize team productivity.

Azure DevOps Services – Our Approach

Our proficiency in Azure Cloud Services guarantee usage of suitable frameworks and tools to create and deploy apps on a wide network. We understand the need for modern enterprises to be flexible and make your processes business ready irrespective of platform, cloud, and language. We build our Azure interfaces in a way that it seamlessly operates with platforms like Linux, MasOS, Windows, and languages like Python, Java, C++.

Our robust Azure DevOps Development Services majorly focus on:

Infrastructural Security

Implement resource-based Access Control for extremely secured access to namespaces and clusters, while the system manages identity at an individual container level enabling secure access to Azure resources. Manage pod-to-pod communications from IPs outside the cluster and encrypt data between application and services.

Container Security

Integrate Pod level security policies to have superior authorization to pods. The images are encrypted with a content pool in the container registry, which is authenticated with resources using pod management identities. To make it more secured, the credentials for pod managed identities are generated from digital vaults.

Security Management

We integrate security scanners in the cloud premises to enable security management and run security static tools. Our Azure DevOps Systems are extremely encrypted according to security policies for reducing human errors, and we scan pre-built container images before pulling them into the build pipeline.

What Azure DevOps Services Do

GSK’s Azure DevOps Services can help improve your business value through various offerings. Avail your upgrade to cloud from on-premise through Azure’s reliable and scalable infrastructure for faster delivery. With our Azure DevOps Development Services, you can:

Plan your projects with agile tools
Manage test plans from web
Version code using GitHub
Pull solutions across platforms

Azure DevOps Services – Our On-demand Offerings

We engineer our Azure DevOps Services through an extremely high-performing team of architects, service desk specialists, and developers who specialize across app dev, infrastructures, and platforms. Our comprehensive Azure DevOps Services automate and streamline operations for an enterprises’ development and delivery needs

Continuous Development

Avail enterprise-grade services for continuous app development, integrate deployment, testing and delivery on Azure through managed services for Platforms and Infrastructure Ops

Cloud Deployment Architecture
DevOps Toolchain Implementation
Test Automation Development
Continuous Delivery
Azure Managed Infrastructure Ops

Our Azure Manage Services for Infrastructure Ops provide Azure Infrastructure Configuration Management, change and incident management, as well as round-the-clock monitoring of application infrastructure telemetry

Iaas Monitoring and Configuration Management
Azure Hosting
Network Configuration Management
Infrastructure Resiliency and DR Management
Azure Managed Platform Ops

Avail intensive and highly-efficient CI/CD toolchain configuration management, change and incident management, and continuous monitoring of infrastructure telemetry through Azure Managed Services for Platform Ops

CI Pipeline Management
CD and Release Orchestration
Resource Configuration Management
PaaS and Application Monitoring
Service Desk

Make use of our 24×7 Cloud Ops Centre for seamless incident and change management communication, active processing monitoring alerts, and unhindered coordination of maintenance activities

Vendor Support Coordination
SLA Driven Incident Management
Disaster Recovery Coordination
Cloud-enabled Customer Portals

Our Engagement Process

Engage the power of automation for container application build and release through Azure. Our DevOps implementation strategies empowers enterprises to enable CI/CD for container apps faster


Design and Planning
As a part of CI/CD designing, our experts analyze container application images, code repositories, development and release timelines. Based on the market research and assessment of internal process flows, we design Azure DevOps Workflow, security path for DevOps and the CI/CD Implementation Plan.
Project Review
Carefully analyzing the Azure DevOps Workflow and implementation plan with the enterprise needs and deciding on toolsets like Azure DevOps Pipelines, Aqua/Twist Lock and other Azure extensions are finalized. Our experts clearly define development goals, set milestones and customize the strategy.
Pilot with Quality Analysis
Our expert development team deploys the finalized Azure DevOps Workflow using Azure Pipelines and ACR. Container images are transferred to Dev and Quality Analysis environments using DevSecOps. We arrange a pilot release to test the success of CI/CD Pipelines and identify bottlenecks.
Implementation Process
After implementing the CI/CD pipelines as per the tested workflow, we document the entire configuration in a standard CI/CD template with the current DevOps stage and applied security. Our CI/CD solution reliability period entitles you with a 5 day free of cost support post the date of deployment.

GSK’s Azure DevOps Expertise

  • Continuous Development
  • Code Inspection and Integration
  • Test Automation
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Toolchain Planning and Deployment
  • Configuration Management and Automation
  • Release Automation
  • Managed Services for Platform and Infrastructure Ops

Why Hire GSK’s Azure DevOps Services

As a part of our Azure DevOps Development Services, we integrate best industry practices, a collaborate CI/CD toolchain and continuous delivery automation along with leveraging our Managed Services to address a full spectrum of DevOps issues. We implement DevOps processes and toolchains across architecture scenarios



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Accelerate growth in your business enterprise with time-tested DevOps strategies, tools and services.

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Our DevOps engineers have the expertise and experience suited to work for global clientele and efficiently bridges the time gap for cost optimization.

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GSK being a acclaimed DevOps partner, delivers the business shift through continuous knowledge sharing.

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