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Bring all your raw data together in real-time and from all silos, for secure, real-time insights.

Today, most entreprises find themselves in a position of producing and storing ample amounts of data every day. As in abundance, it becomes quite difficult to tap onto the potential of the meaningful information out of this amount. With GSK’s Data Integration services, you no longer need to struggle with the complex ETL processes anymore.

No more data preparation to set up complex ETL processes.

Our ETL services access your data wherever it is stored, in whatever format, and brings along information being used by your enterprise. We enable performance tuning for faster ETL processes to the extent of 10x. Not only this, but we also provide pre-built industry-specific analytics solutions, and hence the complete enterprise data integration piece does not need any from-the-scratch effort.

Our ETL service makes sure to maintain end-to-end security for your data. The data are stored in our high-speed and secure data warehouse that is protected 24/7 and is the right choice of the stack for Data Warehouse. What matters to us above all, is, our customer’s most sensitive data and its security and we are totally committed toward this.

What if there is a sudden change in your data?

No worries, our Data Integration services make sure you never miss an important event and handles it, in no-time, already! We manage the data schema changes and restructure for optimization purposes. We understand your concerns and convert the data in the way you want it to be by enabling the automatic mapping of integrations. We can also customize the mapping for you in case you need to take full control over it.


Our data integration consulting and data integration services save your time, efforts, and money, without compromising the flexibility and scalability required for data integration. GSK is a proven data integration service provider in the USA as well as the rest of the world, with successful implementations for global customers


Technology /tool selection, System sizing.


Integration of data across diverse data sources, factoring complex business rules.

Data Profiling and Quality

Checking data integrity, quality and processing data to make it richer.


Migration across technology platforms to meet your business considerations.

Performance Tuning

Refining ETL scripts to enhance performance.


Support towards maintenance of existing ETL.