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Address Your Service Management Bottlenecks with ServiceNow Managed Services
Transform your enterprise processes and make a move to digitalization with the leading MSP for enhanced productivity and rapid issue resolution

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ServiceNow Managed Service Provider

Deploy experienced ServiceNow experts to offer managed services tailored to your business needs. Access managerial connect across ITSM, ITOM SecOps, and GRC with GSK Solutions.


World-Class ServiceNow ITSM

Leverage GSK’s capabilities as a leading ServiceNow managed services provider and effectively collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to implement, develop, synergize, and support a wide range of ITSM instances. Acquire advanced ServiceNow support services like performance analytics, application development, service portal and numerous other use cases.
Identify unique opportunities to automate business processes and propel your business productivity beyond benchmarks. Effectively reduce errors of manual processes and access world-class services, including testing and directory automation.
Accelerate your business with GSK as your ServiceNow ITSM powerlifter so that you can focus on opening new avenues of business growth at pace.

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What We Do

App Engine

GSK is App Engine competent. This is concerning the numerous custom applications we build on the Now Platform for our customers


Acquire ServiceNow consulting services to help identify areas of your business that could benefit from automation so that you can boost productivity

License Optimization

Get all subscription-related details, such as the licenses that have been purchased and allocated and the current compliance status, under one dashboard



Integrate ServiceNow with SAP, Workday, NetSuite, SolarWinds, Altiris, DNA-C, Jenkins, Ansible, Active Directory, and SharePoint

Drive Success with ServiceNow Professional Services

User Help Desk
Acquire extensive L1-L3 support that covers all issues from basic to complex, offering you the capability to make changes on the code
System Administration
Distinctive capabilities in access management, data quality management, workflow optimization, and rapid field changes
Health Checks and Security Audits
Rest assured of double nine uptimes with regular examinations of your ServiceNow Assets to recognize and remedy errors
System Performance Monitoring
Proactively detect sub-optimal performance trends and find robust resolutions and fixes to maintain optimal levels of performance
Development and Evolution
Access Functionality expansions, migration project releases, implementation, and integration of new ServiceNow products
Solution Consulting
Get experienced consultants working on your projects to enhance processes and operations while reducing costs

Gain Control over Your IT Solutions with ServiceNow Managed Services

Our ServiceNow Expertise

Identify IT improvement ideas, distribute resources among projects, simulate and compare investment scenarios, and plan and execute projects across portfolios with ServiceNow experts who are well-versed in:

  • Performance Analytics
  • ServiceNow Implementation Services
  • Project and Portfolio Management
  • Scenario Planning
  • Roadmap Planning
  • Agile Development

Benefits of Using ServiceNow Managed Services


Make sure your IT operations perfectly aligns with your business goals by timely identifying, prioritizing, and fulfilling organizational needs and responding with bespoke solutions
Introduce transparency and command into the software development process through clear task tracking, mature project management, and accurate financial analysis.
Cut down on time to market by creating synergized project budgets and staffing. Access intuitive tools to manage the SDLC from development to testing and deployment.

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