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Ensuring a Smooth Transition with ServiceNow ITSM Modules

Incident Management

The Major Incident Management portal brings together stakeholders to analyze issues and restore services quickly

Change Management

Minimize risks and expenses by simplifying, automating, and speeding complicated change processes with built-in AI

Asset Management

Develop asset management skills for operations, infrastructure, and manage field services for informed decision

Problem Management

With Problem Management, you can swiftly restore services and prevent problems from occurring in the first place

Configuration Management

Consolidate IT data silos into a single record system to monitor how all assets and services are performing

Service Catalog

Monitor and prioritize service requirements, as well as relocate and expand activities with ServiceNow Service Catalog

Why Choose ServiceNow ITSM Platform Solutions?

ServiceNow IT Service Management is a cloud-based single record system that merges complex legacy IT systems and tools into a unified system. ServiceNow ITSM platforms help you reduce costs by enabling your ITSM processes to function together. ServiceNow ITSM Solutions works with employees via a self-service portal that notifies your IT teams of their queries or concerns. This enables your IT department to prioritize the most critical requests, resulting in increased overall efficiency.

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Benefits of ServiceNow ITSM

Increases Efficiency
Asset management is a set of processes used to optimize IT assets lifecycle management. It also considers the most cost-effective asset disposition and procurement strategies
Minimizes Risks
ITSM helps you reduce the chances of interruptions to services. The formalized processes and roles communicate well to consumers and stakeholders throughout the change management process
Enhances Productivity
With the best practices of ITSM, an organization can improve self-service productivity. A self-service catalog enables users to solve problems on their own, increasing self-service productivity
Reduces Costs
ITSM can help IT businesses scale their operations more effectively without the need for unnecessary hiring. Its automated capabilities can reduce human workload for IT operators
Better Visibility
ITSM structure offers better visibility. It aligns IT infrastructure and business strategies and ensures that the business knows what IT operational activities are being prioritized at once
Enhances Customer Experience
Deliver a smoother and better customer experience with faster customer response, round-the-clock support, and fewer service delivery interruptions in the daily activities of customers

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ITSM Processes of an ITSM Framework

ITSM processes are the components of the ITSM framework in the IT department. An ITSM process explains how to manage IT services and support its core ideas. The following stages can be categorized in ITSM processes:

  • Service Strategy (SS)
  • Service Description (SD)
  • Service Transition (ST)
  • Service Operation (SO)

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ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions from GSK deliver IT services and offer scalable workflows using a single cloud-based platform. Experienced ServiceNow developers from GSK can help you resolve business issues, enhance user experience, and increase productivity.
Native AI users may swiftly accelerate technology upgrades, evaluate recommended actions for incoming tickets/requests, and use enterprise Chabot technology to drive self-service and automation. The ServiceNow ITSM Solution is built on a solid platform, and users can also access ITSM through the NOW Platform's mobile or web-portal interfaces.
Being an experienced ServiceNow consultant, GSK delivers CMDB solutions with the NOW Platform, which uses digitally connected workflows to connect people, systems, and functions. Our ServiceNow professionals streamline your digital business's platform to create consumer-like experiences and delivery approaches.
Moreover, the experts from GSK offer ServiceNow consulting support for fast deployment, integration, and migration of custom systems. Invest in our ServiceNow consulting services to solve all of your problems with full-cycle ServiceNow implementation.

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