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The one thing that makes GSK Solutions Inc. stand out in the industry is spotting fake candidates. Our team of recruiters stay alert, actively notice subtle variations, rely on their intuition, and conscientiously carry out thorough due diligence to make informed decisions. As a recruitment firm, we are increasingly encountering deceptive candidates in the pool, and our recruiters are developing advanced capabilities in identifying warning signs. A minimal number of recruiting agencies opt for face-to-face interviews, heavily relying on phone interviews. In contrast, we personally meet or conduct video calls with each candidate before presenting them to a client. Detecting and eliminating fraudulent candidates is a routine part of our process, ensuring our clients are spared from dealing with such issues.

Steps we take so you don’t have to

Ensure the accuracy of candidate resume details by double-checking and corroborating information through platforms such as LinkedIn, social media, or other professional websites.
Be wary of unclear communication, as it might signal an effort to mask background noise in a deceptive scenario. While a well-presented resume alongside unclear speech doesn't definitively indicate a fake candidate, exercise caution and scrutinize the situation closely.
Be cautious of the "overly flawless resume." Resumes that closely mirror your job description, especially if they appear to be a compilation of keywords, raise a red flag.
Verify geographical information by casually inquiring about the closest major city to the location mentioned on their resume.
Conduct a face-to-face interview. Even mentioning such a step can scare off fraudsters. Exercise caution if candidates insist on a swift, remote-only interview, as it may indicate potential deception.
Ensure the accuracy of candidate information through triple-checking: conduct thorough background checks, scrutinize references meticulously, review their digital footprint, and consult with individuals acquainted with them to validate their identity.
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